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We know that having an ordered curriculum (CV) that best summarizes all our skills, in addition to our academic and work history, is essential to make a good impression and increase the possibility of getting the job we are applying for. 

Personal information

It is important to include the basic information that allows us to be recognized. Add your first and last name, phone number (preferably a cell number and a home number) and email address.

If you prefer, you can also include your city and country of residence; this will help them identify which area you live in. 

Now, you should avoid adding information that is not necessary, such as identity documents or marital status. Put yourself in the contractor’s shoes for a moment and think about what they would like to know about you and what would be important to know in order to give you the vacancy.

Academic career

In this section, we are going to show what our academic journey has been and what degrees we have. It is important to put the name of the institution and indicate the dates we were there.

It is not necessary that you include your entire academic journey since you started when you were 5 years old; this does not add any value to your resume.

Work experience

This is one of the most important aspects of your resume and to which every contractor will pay enough attention. Chronologically place where you have worked and in what period of time it has been, specify your role and, if possible, detail the most important thing you managed to do during that time. 


This is not mandatory, but many choose to post a summary of who they are, what their interests are, and what words define them. A kind of short biography.

If you do, try to be punctual and not go into detail. Write down what you would say in 30 seconds to introduce yourself to someone in an elevator conversation. We leave you an example that may help you: “I am passionate about technology; every day, I worry about learning new things and teaching others. I believe that teamwork and the division of tasks are the keys to achieving great projects ”. 


Like the extract, adding a photograph is something that can be a very personal decision; some people prefer not to do it, and others do. In case you put a photograph, use a recent one, where you look good, and that reflects freshness. That the photo of your CV does not look like that of your identity document, make this one that you are proud to show.


Knowing more than one language is good enough for anyone looking for a new job, so most resumes today have only one space to include your command of another language. Include in this section the languages ​​you use and specify the level at which you do it: basic, intermediate, advanced. 


This section is intended to discuss your complementary information, other titles you have, a course you have taken, or tools that you master very well.

In summary, your CV should be a presentation of you that makes clear what your skills are, what knowledge you have, and what has been your academic and professional career. Avoid being dishonest and just write what is true. 

Another thing you can do is adapt your resume to the company you are applying for. If you have several skills, then mention those that can be given more importance for this new place you are applying to.

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